Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Paul Noble - Paul Noble Photographic 2009

Paul Noble - One of the few who knew film and saw the digital light!

Paul Noble Photographic is a advertsing and commercial stills and video production company based in Sussex.

My good friend Paul has been a photographer for longer than I can remember. There is a rumour that when Paul first picked up a camera the Wright Brothers were doing trials at Kittihawk and quills were the writing implement of choice! Bought up in the days of film with the smell of chemicals permanently on his fingers, Paul is one of those guys who will get on with it and deliver no matter what and still remain bouncy and smiling.

I am honoured to have access to Paul's large studio complete with its' white cyc (which you don't see often these days). It's a great place to work and create images in the controlled conditions a spacious studio offers, but also a perfect spot running workshops for those who want to learn the mysteries of studio photography and film making. This is where I run some of my photography workshops, hangout and drink "pond water" aka green tea flavoured with lemon.

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